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Restaurant workers at Baton Rouge in Ottawa have negotiated a new union contract.

The three-year contract covers 46 people and runs from May 15, 2019 to May 14, 2022. 

“Our negotiating committee did an excellent job of engaging members’ voices throughout this process as they worked hard to secure a strong fair contract for workers at Baton Rouge,” said Wayne Hanley. “Local 1006A is proud to be the leading union for restaurant workers , as we continue to achieve gains and improve workers’ livelihoods across Ontario. 

Union Representative Greg Penner led negotiations, with support from Executive Assistant to the President Frank Ragni, Union Representative Jackie Graticola and members, John Conway, Jarod Cook and Andrew Lach.

“We knew we had a tough path ahead of us so our bargaining committee worked hard to inform and ensure everyone had input to the process,” said Conway, a bargaining committee member who is also part of the Stewards’ Network. “We wanted to make sure everyone’s voices was heard and that was something our committee went well.”

“All in all, the negotiations went well, better than we expected and the staff are happy,” said Conway. “We were able to change things including achieving 100% health and welfare benefits.” Previously, the workers had to pay 50% for the benefits.

“This was a huge gain for the staff and helped put a lot of money into the workers’ pockets,” he said. Reforming the scheduling issues was also a gain, enabling workers to incorporate for changes in lifestyle.


  • 100% benefit coverage for single and family for full-time (majority who work are full-time)
  • Improved language for representation with return to work meetings
  • Scheduling language improvement
  • Wage increases for back of house