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UFCW Local 1006A is the union for Transit Operators in York Region

Help Us Prevent a Disruption to Bus Services in York Region

UFCW Canada Local 1006A proudly represents the drivers, cleaners, and mechanics at Miller Transit, a contractor selected to provide bus services in York Region.

Miller Transit is unnecessarily forcing a labour dispute by proposing to cut workers’ wage increases, which had already been agreed to in a union contract.

The workers have been reasonable and are simply looking to keep the current terms of the contract in place. They take pride in providing reliable and excellent transit service for residents of York Region.

Miller’s unnecessary demands for concessions and cuts are not about what is best for York Region residents or families. It is about what is best for Miller. Miller already has a fixed contract with York Region but they want more than their fair share. They want to increase their profits at the expense of the workers and taxpayers of York Region.

We are asking Miller Transit to simply honour their commitment to workers and not take reckless actions to disrupt transit service in York Region.

Send the letter below and tell Miller that York Region doesn’t want a strike.

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