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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Stewards are integral to making Local 1006A Ontario's Best Union!

More than 220 stewards from across Ontario came out for the largest Stewards’ Conference in the local union’s history. 

Stewards participated from a wide range of sectors and industries across the province.

President Wayne Hanley welcomed activists to the conference and delivered an update on the various initiatives and progress made within the union to better serve the membership. 

The theme of the conference was “Union Value: Changing Lives and Communities,” examining how the union was transforming the lives of members and workers across Ontario. 

"Today, our union is stronger and more powerful than we have ever been,” said President Hanley. "We continue to improve and strengthen our union at all levels and departments, guided by our mission to provide outstanding union representation." 

Stewards heard from a variety of speakers, including Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Benn and Executive Assistants to the President Dan Gilbert and Paul Docherty. Speakers including UFCW Canada's Director of Political Action, Mark Hennessy, 1006A Leukemia Coordinator Diana O’Brien, and 1006A Growth Coordinator Lesley Prince. Executive Vice-President Pearl Sawyer led a Union Value Panel Discussion with members, Nancy Prout, Kamil Siwula, and Rechev Browne. The local union's 2017 Member achievement awards were presented by Executive Assistant to the President Frank Ragni. 

1006A Executive Board Member Natasha Grey was among those who attended. 

“The conference is always amazing- I love it,” said Grey, who works at a No Frills. “I love the information we receive from the speakers like President Hanley, reps, and it is always great how much information you can find out from one conference. Being a 1006A member means solidarity, equality, and strength.” 

Devere Walcott, a steward from a Toronto Loblaws, also had positive reviews on the conference. 

“The conference was very informative and it’s great to see how our union is progressing and growing. Being a 1006A member means being part of a family that is helping all workers and working to make life better for everyone.” 

Penny Paulley, a steward from Petrolia's Your Independent Grocer, was among those who benefited from the conference. 

“The stewards conference is fantastic—it’s always great to get like-minded people in one group and build enthusiasm and positive energy,” Paulley said. "For me, being part of 1006A means opportunities for education and training, free online courses for myself and family. It means access to education and solidarity."

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