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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

1006A members, staff and allies gathered on September 3 for Labour Day to stand up for fairness, respect and dignity for all workers across Ontario.

The local union participated in the Toronto, Hamilton, Orillia and London Labour Day events. 

Labour Day is an opportunity for union members to come together to build a province that works for all Ontarians.

The attacks on working families are just beginning in Ontario and workers came out to make their voices heard. 

The Conservative government is cutting $100 million in funding for much needed school repairs and is imposing a hiring freeze on public servants.

They are getting rid of the province’s cap and trade program, which would take away much needed revenue for vital services.

They have also promised to stop the minimum wage from increasing to $15 in January 2019.

They are cancelling the Basic Income project, which helped Ontarians who needed it the most. 

We encourage all workers to be informed about the issues in their communities and contact their government representatives to ensure fairness for workers. 

Thank you to everyone who participated.