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UFCW Canada 1006A is Ontario's best union for laundry and linen workers

With a strong negotiating committee on their side, 1006A members at Ecotex, a healthcare laundry service, won significant gains in their new contract. 

Negotiators, together in solidarity with the membership, achieved improved overtime language, a 9 per cent increase over the term of the agreement, improved safety shoe allowance and improved scheduling language. 
The contract covers more than 400 members and runs from January 1, 2018 to December 31, 2022. 
“UFCW Canada Local 1006A remains the number one union for laundry workers in this province and our negotiating committee worked hard to achieve this fair contract for our members at Ecotex,” said Wayne Hanley, President of 1006A. “Laundry workers can always count on our union to improve their rights and livelihoods at the bargaining table."
The bargaining committee was comprised of Executive Assistants to the President Frank Ragni and Dan Gilbert, Union Rep Rob Murphy and 1006A members, Jatinder Khaira, Amrinder Pal Singh Sohal, Miguel Vargas, and Mohammed Kamaluddin. 
“We had a strong bargaining committee who did outstanding work in standing up for our members,” said Ragni. “I am proud of the unity and solidarity our membership at Ecotex showed in coming together to achieve this union contract.” 
Ecotex provides healthcare linen, laundry and surgical sterilization services to hospitals and long-term care facilities in Ontario.