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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

The attack against workers and their families has continued.

This past January, low-income workers and families would have seen minimum wage increase to $15/hr. But thanks to Doug Ford, workers in this province have had their wage increases cancelled. Furthermore, the two sick days that were brought in under the previous Liberal government have been taken away.

These rollbacks have a devastating effect for workers and families, as the cost of living continues to increase in this province.

Meanwhile the person who lobbied against the minimum wage increase, Ontario Chamber of Commerce President Rocco Rossi showed what he was thinking as he tweeted about champagne and pastries: “celebrating New Year’s the 1 percenter way! Let them eat cake:-)”. It’s clear who Ford’s Ontario is for—the richest in our society. In the next election, you get to decide who your Ontario will be for.