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Workers at Comfort Inn Guelph have a new first contract, with significant gains to wages.

"The deal was really good,” said Claudine Newell, who is a member of the negotiating committee. "It is our first contract and we got the most important things we were asking for.”

Newell said the union worked hard for the membership. 

“The union did a really good job in putting everything together,” said Newell. “Speaking for myself, I am really happy for what we got.”

The negotiating committee was led by Union Representative Bill Vantol, with support from Union Representative Kevin Bacon and members, Claudine Newell, and Tina Murphy. The contract covers 15 workers and runs from April 10, 2019 to April 9, 2022.

“Every day, Local 1006A is making a difference, whether it is negotiating fair contracts or standing up for members’ rights,” said President Wayne Hanley. “With this strong first contract, our new members are already experiencing the value and benefit that union representation brings. We’re proud of the hardwork and dedication of our negotiating committee and commend them for the excellent job they did in negotiating this contract.” 

  • 3 year deal
  • 2.5% increase in every year
  • Bereavement leave language (full-time)
  • Jury Duty language (full-time)
  • Co-paid for housekeeper's uniforms
  • Schedules posted weekly
  • Direct deposit for payroll
  • Civic holiday (full-time)
  • $2/hour premium for training new employees