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Doug Ford's Conservatives Undertake Massive Cuts  

The cuts are raining down in Ontario thanks to Doug Ford’s Conservative government. 

Library Cuts

The Ontario government announced it will be cutting funding for Ontario’s library services by half. 
Due to the government’s cuts, interlibrary loans, delivery and training has been suspended across the province. 

The cuts will have an impact particularly in small or rural communities, leaving them with less options. Libraries are also hubs for community activities, and a place where people, who cannot afford internet at home, can have online access to education and employment opportunities. Students, seniors, researchers, and families will no longer be able to easily access much needed materials as they once did. 

Cuts to 50 Million Trees Program and Flood Management Programs 
Doug’s Ford government has eliminated the 50 million trees program, which was intended to clean the air and water, protect shorelines and reduce erosion. By creating forests, the program would have helped Ontarians better handle the challenges of climate change. Instead, Ontario residents can expect more erosion in flood zones, poorer air and water quality and less wildlife habitat. 
Ontario has also cut 50% of the funding for conservation authorities flood management programs. These critical initiatives issue warnings, monitor flood waters, and provide greater protection against flooding. 
Cuts to Legal Aid 
Under Doug Ford’s direction, funding for refugee and immigration law services will be eliminated as part of massive cuts at Legal Aid Ontario.
About 70 legal aid clinics in communities across the province will be affected by the cuts. The clinics help the most vulnerable in the province, whether it is disability benefits, Ontario Works, appeals, workers’ compensation, employment law advice, housing and employment insurance.