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UFCW Canada Local 1006A members at Cineplex ratified a new three-year union contract.  

The contract covers 110 workers and runs from March 31, 2019 through until March 31, 2022.
Bargaining was led by Union Rep Dustin Magee with support from Union Rep Gord Jackson and members Kerrin Jalandra and Owais Khan.
"We asked the membership about what they needed to change in the Collective Agreement, and along with Dustin, Gord, and Owais, we were able to negotiate those changes and we were able to go above and beyond what was asked of us,” said Jalandra. “Overall, we received a new agreement that the membership was happy to accept. We actually also had a larger turnout during the ratification meeting just from word of mouth about the changes in the Collective Agreement.”
“As Ontario’s number one union, we are proud to help workers in a diversity of sectors achieve fairness at the bargaining table,” said President Wayne Hanley. “Once again, our negotiating committee at Cineplex showed why workers are increasingly turning to 1006A to help improve their rights and livelihoods at work. Thank you to our terrific committee and our membership for working together to achieve this contract."

More language surrounding time off for students who have exams
  • Language that allows our members more flexibility with their schedule
  • Scheduling language to allow our members longer time to decide their schedule
  • Signing bonus for all
  • Language that guarantees their rates stay above minimum wage