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Canadians head to the polls this fall — much is at stake.

1. Conservatives Set for Power Grab

Changing the Constitution of Canada requires a two-thirds rule. In order to make a constitutional change, we require the agreement of the federal government plus enough provincial governments that represent two thirds of the population of Canada. If Andrew Scheer wins, Conservatives will become unstoppable. They will play on divisive politics to distract us from what is at stake as they implement massive cuts. Canadians will have no power to stop their agenda, which caters to the richest in society at the expense of workers and their families.

2. Be Careful of The Fake News

Fake news is literally taking over. A recent survey found that 90 per cent of Canadians have fallen for fake news, most often on Facebook. Experts believe the upcoming federal election will be ripe for manipulation with voters being targeted through social media. Foreign and local interests are engaging in spreading false information to help their candidate of choice. Our advice? Turn to reputable sources like CBC News, CTV news, Canadian Press and the Toronto Star to get fair and accurate stories.

3. Privatization of Healthcare Under Scheer

Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives recently held a $250/person strategy session/fundraiser on privatizing healthcare. The Ford government is already attacking our healthcare system. What happens if they team up to gut our healthcare system. There will be no one left to stand up for workers and their families. Protect our public health care system and ensure quality universal healthcare for not just the rich but all Canadians. Money shouldn’t be a barrier to saving lives. 

4. Universal Pharmacare Needed More Than Ever

Did you know the first party to propose a universal pharmacare program is the Federal NDP? This plan will ensure everyone gets the essential medications they need. With the increase in precarious jobs, many families and children do not have access to a benefits program. This problem would ensure no one has to go without lifesaving medications due to their illness. The Conservatives do not support this initiative and the Liberals are jumping on board.

5. Climate Change is Coming For You

Conservatives have no specific targets or concrete plan to reduce emissions and are instead focused on slamming and misrepresenting the efforts of the other parties. Party members are still downplaying the effects of climate change, as related to extreme weather and human activity. Climate change is one of the central issues of our time, and Scheer’s Conservatives do not have a serious plan to address it.

Bonus Tip: Protect Workers’ Rights

Under the last Conservative federal government, workers’ rights and unions were under attack. A federal Conservative government will be up to the same tricks. The NDP has been the strongest advocate for workers and their families throughout history to today. Ensure you protect workers’ rights by electing a progressive government that cares about working families.