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1006A is proud of its bargaining committee at Comfort Inn Windsor

1006A members at Comfort Inn Windsor have ratified a new union contract.

Bargaining was led by Union Rep Greg Penner with support from members, Joyce Waito and Jo-Ann Rutt.

The 3-year contract runs from November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2022.

“I’m proud to congratulate our bargaining committee for their dedication and hardwork in achieving a fair union contract for workers at Comfort Inn Windsor,” said President Wayne Hanley. “1006A is proud to be the number one union in Ontario for hotel workers.”

Members at Comfort Inn Windsor work at the front desk, as breakfast attendants, in the laundry room, and as housekeepers.


  • Those in the progression receive wage increases every six months until they reach their end rate of pay at 24 months.
  • All employees receive between $0.25 per hour and $0.50 per hour wage increase within one month of ratification
  • New wage grid enables our members to maintain a gap above minimum wage.
  • Addition of minimum wage differential language to protect our members who have achieved end rate of pay.
  • Locked in Premium in lieu of pension payments of $0.38 for all hours worked or paid, and annual bonuses for all employees.
  • Improved servicing language and union visitation rights .
  • Improvements to grievance and arbitration procedure
  • Achieved important language pertaining to return to work meetings to ensure that our members are not forced to deal with WSIB or employer reps alone, as well as new language pertaining to health and safety training being provided by Union approved facilitators.
  • No Concessions