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Cannabis Workers at Line One have voted for their first union contract. 

The term of the contract is from July, 25 2019 to July 24, 2022 and covers call centre workers from the Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS).

“I’m proud to congratulate our committee for achieving a strong first contract with gains,” said President Wayne Hanley.  

1006A members at Line One Contact Centres take all the orders that come in for cannabis in Ontario. They provide customer support and mail tracking services for the online store. 

“The members were determined to make gains and they did,” said lead negotiator and union rep Dustin Magee. Along with Magee, Union Rep Ray Ramkhelawan and members Lori Park and Saif Shah were also on the negotiating committee. 

The cannabis industry is a precarious one and these group of workers were among the first to unionize in Ontario. 

UFCW Canada represents thousands of workers in the cannabis sector in Quebec and the United States. 


- Wage increases 

- 2 floater days

- Health benefits for all employees 

- Visitation language for the union

These are just a few of the many contracts we have ratified. Visit to read about more contract ratifications.