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Of Note: This news item is archived content from UFCW Canada Local 1000A.
Local 1000A and UFCW Canada Local 206 merged on May 1, 2016 to form UFCW Canada Local 1006A.

pearl3I am pleased to announce UFCW Canada Local 1000A members have voted 87 per cent in favour of a historic merger with UFCW Canada Local 206, leading to the creation of our new local union, UFCW Canada Local 1006A.

The membership also voted 85 per cent in favour of local union bylaw amendments, which expanded the executive board.

The votes took place at membership meetings from March 29 to April 6, 2016 in 29 cities across Ontario and were open to all Local 1000A members. Members had the opportunity to hear a presentation, participate and vote at these meetings.

Following final approval by the International Union, the membership’s approval of the agreement creates a new UFCW Canada local union effective May 1, 2016.

This historic merger is a win-win for the memberships of our two great local unions.

A merger brings additional strength, stability and resources and support when we take on employers at the bargaining table or advocate on issues of importance to our members.

Local 206 is an Ontario-based local union with 6,000 members and a strong track record of organizing. Their largest membership group work in 55 Swiss Chalet restaurants locations across Ontario. Their members also work in various hotels, restaurants, industrial laundry facilities and distribution centers.

This merger means we will have increased strength in numbers as the membership increases from 30,000 to 36,000. With the growth of membership in restaurant and hotel industries, we will be more attractive to workers in these sectors looking to become unionized to improve their working conditions.

In addition, we also maintain our strong leadership team and benefit from additional experienced leaders from Local 206. To ensure a stable, efficient and smooth transition with the merger, the current full-time officers of both local unions will fill the roles of President, Executive Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer and 2 Vice-Presidents.  The term of office for the full-time Executive Board officers and the other members of the new expanded executive board is the same as the merger agreement itself which is effective May 1, 2016 and expiring on December 31, 2018.

By coming together, we build on our individual strengths to create a stronger local union.

Local 206 President Wayne Hanley will become the president of Local 1006A. Wayne was the former president of Local 175 and also the former National President of UFCW Canada. He also served as International Executive Vice-President, on the five member Executive Committee.

In addition to serving as Executive Vice-President  of our new local union, I will be taking on a new expanded role as a UFCW leader on global solidarity initiatives.

The executive officers, upon recommendation to the executive boards of both locals, had unanimously recommended voting in favour of the merger and bylaw amendments and we wish to thank our membership for their thoughtful questions and participation and for supporting their leadership's recommendations at the membership meetings for this merger and bylaw amendments to create a better and stronger local union to lead us forward into the future.

In solidarity,

Pearl Sawyer President, UFCW Canada Local 1000A