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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Franca-ScalzoFranca Scalzo knows first-hand the difference the union can make.

As a cashier who first suffered from carpal tunnel and later, as a Customer Service Representative who experienced shoulder problems due to work, Scalzo saw how hard UFCW Canada Local 1000A fought over the years to ensure that her rights were protected and she was treated fairly by her employer.

keep-cool-this-summerWith summer in full swing, it’s important to remember to keep cool wherever you are.

Soaring temperatures mean your body is potentially at risk for heat stress, which occurs when your body’s cooling system is put under pressure.

According to Ontario’s Occupational Health & Safety Act, employers are legally required to take every precaution reasonable in the circumstances to protect workers. To prevent heat-stress related illnesses, the Ministry of Labour has guidelines for employers. These include developing policies and procedures to protect workers in environments that are hot because of hot processes and/or weather.


day-of-mourning-2014On April 28, your union encourages you to join thousands across this province in observing the National Day of Mourning for workers killed or injured on the job.

On this day, we come together to remember workers killed, injured, or suffering from illness because of unsafe conditions at work. We come together to help create safer workplaces so workers can end their working lives in dignity and health – not premature injury, disease or death.

We remember lost and injured co-workers, friends and family members while renewing our commitment to safer workplaces under the slogan, “Remember the dead. Fight for the living.”

RSIOn February 28, join your union, UFCW Canada Local 1000A, in raising awareness about International Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Day.

Also known as musculoskeletal disorders (MSD), RSIs are the most common form of workplace injuries and describe injuries that affect the body’s muscles, joints, nerves, and tendons. Some common RSIs include tendinitis, tenosynovitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.