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Of Note: This news item is archived content from UFCW Canada Local 1000A.
Local 1000A and UFCW Canada Local 206 merged on May 1, 2016 to form UFCW Canada Local 1006A.

loblaws-superstore-greatfood-bargainingNow that a tentative agreement has been reached, you may have questions about what’s next. Here are some common questions that may come up.

Where can I find out about what is in the tentative memorandum of agreement?

Information about the tentative memorandum of agreement will be provided at ratification meetings, which are scheduled to start in less than a week. At these meetings, union reps will go through the tentative agreement with the members in attendance in full detail. They will be available to answer questions you have. Importantly, you will have an opportunity to vote on the agreement. Two formal presentations are scheduled for each day of ratification meeting date. To find the date, location and times for the ratification meeting for your store, click here.

Will the agreement be distributed prior to the ratification meetings?

You will be able to pick up a copy of the tentative agreement at the ratification meeting in your area. We do not make the memorandum available prior to the ratification meetings. It has been our experience that many members who have the opportunity to see the settlement early do not attend the meetings. Distribution will take place at the meetings to ensure our members have the opportunity to review, ask questions and vote on the tentative agreement. This will also help ensure maximum membership participation at these meetings so members can make an informed decision. As some of the changes may be difficult to understand, the union reps will ensure you are provided with accurate and complete information on the tentative agreement in order for you to make an informed decision. 

What is a ratification meeting?

This is a meeting where members vote on a negotiated memorandum of agreement reached between your union negotiating committee and the employer. As a union member, you have a democratic opportunity to vote on the tentative agreement. When a memorandum of agreement is approved by a majority of the membership, it is ratified. Documents will be distributed at the meeting so that the changes or amendments to your collective agreement can be explained, discussed and questions answered.

What is a tentative memorandum of agreement?

This is an agreement that has come together through the negotiating process.  The union and the company both tabled proposals at the beginning of negotiations and they were debated and many exchanges (often called passes) of positions of both parties took place in the last several months. In the end, your union and the company reached agreement on many proposals and/or amendments to proposals.  The final document is called a tentative memorandum of agreement.  In this case, your union negotiating committee is unanimously recommending these amendments to the membership for acceptance (or ratification).

Now that an agreement has been reached, what can I do?

Ratification meeting location, times, and date for your store will be posted on the union bulletin board in your store, and are available online. We have worked hard to post the schedules in advance so you can plan to attend the meeting. Most importantly, please make sure to attend the ratification meeting and encourage your co-workers to do the same as the tentative agreement affects your future.

What is the point in attending the meeting if the agreement is already reached?

Your negotiating committee has been working hard to achieve the best possible deal since negotiations started in February 2015. The support and participation of our membership, including through the delivery of a strong strike mandate, was critical in reaching this settlement. But your participation is still needed. Now, it’s time for the membership to make their voice heard on the tentative agreement that is being recommended by their union negotiating committee. It is now your time to vote on acceptance or rejection of this tentative memorandum of agreement. If the majority of those who cast a ballot support the recommendation of acceptance of the memorandum across Ontario where Loblaws RCSS and Great Food members work, than the changes outlined in this document will be incorporated into your collective agreement and this then forms your new collective agreement which outlines your wages, benefits, working conditions, etc for the coming years.

How long will the votes take and when will we know the results?

The ratification votes will be taking place from June 14 to June 18 across Ontario. Results of the ratification votes will be announced once all voting has concluded.