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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Your 33 member executive board is accountable to the membership and is responsible for overseeing the operations of your union.

The board is led by our Executive Officers: President Wayne Hanley, Secretary-Treasurer Kevin Benn and Recorder Glacier Effs-Samuel. Paul Docherty, Dan Gilbert and Frank Ragni serve as Executive Assistants to the President and Vice-Presidents.

Together, your board ensures a broad representation of membership voices from diverse sectors and workplaces within the local union.


Executive Officers


  • Josie Barberi
    Tachani Bishop
    Caroline Brisebois
    Maria Cabral
    Kimberley Desroches
    Paul Docherty
    Brian Dulong
    Adriana Georgakopoulos
    Dan Gilbert
    Natasha Grey
    Steve Haycock
    Anita Hurley

  • Jaime Jesalva
    Gord Knowles
    Wendy Lee Lehman
    Dave Mallen
    Al McDougall
    Cindy Mueller
    Frank Ragni
    Jimy Reyez
    Joshua Robichaud
    Helen Stathopoulos
    Annie Sundar
    Jim Tessier
    Andy Werner

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