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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Our Union, UFCW Canada Local 1006A, is a strong and compassionate voice for fairness, equality and justice in the workplace and our communities. 

Our Union works to advance and protect the rights and livelihoods of our members as we strive to make life better for all workers across Ontario. 

Our Union is guided by the belief that all workers have the right to a fair, safe and inclusive workplace where they are treated with respect and dignity.

This is achieved through the solidarity of our members.

Local 1006A is committed to:

Member Representation: providing outstanding representation, which puts our members and union first. Highly skilled and dedicated union representatives will work to protect our members’ rights, resolve problems and negotiate strong collective agreements.

Growth: increasing our bargaining power and collective strength by helping workers without a union win rights in their workplace.

Empowerment: empowering and engaging members to make their voices heard, recognizing that each of us has a role to play in strengthening our union. At Local 1006A, we know our strength comes from each other.

Diversity: building a progressive and inclusive union, which is reflective of our membership. We will be a champion for equity, human rights and social justice.

Advocacy:  being a powerful voice for hardworking families in Ontario and will ensure workers’ experiences, struggles, and aspirations are heard at all levels of government. 

Education: providing educational opportunities and resources to help members gain the skills and knowledge they need to improve their workplace and achieve their goals. 

Outreach: engaging youth and increasing our activism in Ontario’s diverse communities to strengthen our union now and into the future.