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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Ford government rolls back labour rights.

Doug Ford’s move to strip away improvements to workers’ rights and livelihoods will be devastating to families across Ontario. 

Workers and their families will pay the price as Doug Ford caters to the interests of Ontario’s rich and powerful. 

Gone is the $15 minimum wage, which was set to kick in January 2019. The minimum wage will now instead be frozen for nearly 3 years. As the costs of rent, groceries, everyday bills rise, this will hurt workers in their pocketbooks. 

Gone are the two paid sick days workers recently won. Gone is the pay equity for part-time and casual workers.

Scrapped are scheduling improvements, which provided workers protection against last minute arbitrary changes to their schedules. 

Also gone are the changes that made it easier for workers’ to advocate for themselves through a union. 

Doug Ford’s actions show that he doesn’t care at all about the working people of this province. When people are struggling to make ends meet, Doug Ford and his rich friends are kicking them down even more.

Ontario’s labour laws were outdated for decades and the reforms implemented by the previous Liberal government made some modest steps to protect workers in this precarious economy. 

Now, Ford and his rich friends are moving Ontario back decades by gutting these protections. Ford has made it crystal clear that his slogan "for the people" refers to the wealthy and well-connected, not working families.

Unionization remains the key to ensuring fairness for workers. Our members can count on their union contracts to provide them with the union advantage, including regular wage increases, scheduled hours and sick days. 

Your union will continue to fight for the rights and livelihoods of all workers across Ontario, and will continue to protect and make progressive gains for our members at the negotiating table. 

While we do this, we also need to remind Doug Ford that workers and their families matter and send a message that a prosperous Ontario is a fair Ontario for all. 

You can take action by letting Conservative MPPs know what you think of their action. Click this link to make your voice heard. 

In Solidarity, 

Wayne Hanley
President, UFCW Canada Local 1006A

Find your MPP's contact information here.