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As a UFCW 1006A steward, Tony Jaber always lets members know he is there for them.

“I tell them that the union is here to represent you – if you have any issues, give me a call,” said Jaber, who works at Rob & Tina’s No Frills in Amherstburg.  

A steward for three years, Jaber has helped members with issues ranging from scheduling of hours to availability to harassment. Being friendly, open, prepared and understanding has been vital to his success as a steward. 
“I want to make sure people are treated fairly and equally, and that no one is afraid to come forward if they have an issue at work,” he said. “You don’t want people getting picked on. When members know they have support from the union, they are stronger and the union is stronger.” 
When new members join the store, Jaber introduces himself and lets workers know they belong to a union. 
“I explain to them their rights, hours and benefits ,” he said. “I let them know as the union steward I am here to support them and answer any questions.” 
Jaber directs members at his store to the union board, informs them about the latest union news (including the current Member Appreciation Program) and encourages them to feel comfortable reaching out to the union and speaking out about the issues they face. 
Greg Penner, the Union Rep for the Amherstburg No Frills, commended Jaber on his work as a steward.
“He does a great job and I can always count on him,” he said. 
Jaber loves the sense of satisfaction that comes from successfully helping others. 
"I feel good when I see they are happy, when we are able to take a burden off their shoulders, when they don’t have to walk on egg shells or feel like they are being pushed around.” 

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