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Local 1006A's 2021 Union Scholarship Winners

Miaoer Song was “absolutely thrilled and grateful" when she found out she was selected as one of the winners of the 2021 UFCW 1006A scholarship program.

Song, who is enrolled in an accounting program at Sheridan College, is the daughter of 1006A member Huaping Zhou, who works at Homewood Suites by Hilton Toronto-Oakville.

"As the daughter of a 1006A member, I saw first hand how tough the pandemic has been on the people all around me and how inspiring it was for them to still rise to the occasion, and this scholarship is a definite example of how UFCW Canada Local 1006A is right there with them,” Song said. "As I enter my third year, the financial pressures have ramped up, so this scholarship came at the perfect time to alleviate my and my family’s worries."

Every year, Local 1006A awards 42 scholarships worth $1,006 each to members and/or their dependents. The program, which has run for more than a decade, is aimed at helping members and their families cope with the escalating costs of tuition in Ontario.

“Our scholarship program is about making a difference for our members and their families, and helping them achieve their dreams of post-secondary education,” said President Wayne Hanley. “I know the pandemic has been very difficult for workers across Ontario, and this is another way we are helping make life easier and better for our members. Thank you to everyone who participated.”

For Shivai Bhakhri, the son of 1006A member Mamta Bhakhri from Real Canadian Superstore, the scholarship meant a lot for the whole family.

“As a first-year university student, the first-generation member in my family to attend post-secondary education and the eldest child, this scholarship will certainly provide some financial assistance in covering the overall expense for the academic year,” said Bhakhri, who studies at York University. "As a proud son of my mother, who has been a UFCW Canada member for past 24 years, this scholarship means a lot to her and me."

Sammy Brezovsky, who is studying Sports Media at Ryerson University, was excited to receive news of the scholarship.

"I was thrilled to receive this scholarship – not only will it help me achieve a degree in the industry of my dreams but it'll also help pave a path to my future career,” said Brezovsky. "This scholarship, to me, proves how much the union cares about its workers.”

Emily Hewgill, who is studying Nursing, hopes to make a difference in her career, like the union does.

"I am so humbled to be a recipient of the 2021 union scholarship,” said Hewgill, who works at Rome’s YIG. "This union works to better the lives of its members across Ontario, I hope to do the same when I graduate as a nurse. This award will truly help to alleviate the financial cost and allow me to focus on my studies. "

Jacqueline Cortes, who is studying to be a Social Service Worker at Seneca College, was also named a scholarship recipient.

"As a member of UFCW Local 1006A, I am deeply thankful to this Union who is an ally for its members, who aims for people's successes and resilience,” said Cortes, who works at Swiss Chalet. “During these times of hardship, I can proudly say that I can count on an organization that backs me up with my studies as well as my safety in my workplace. Thank you so much UFCW Local 1006A for making this possible.”

Thank you to everyone who applied. For those who weren’t selected this year, we encourage you to apply for our 2022 Scholarship.  

List of 2021 Scholarship Recipients

Kaitlyn  Allen
Shivai Bhakhri *
Sammy Brezovsky
Laurence Cabalquinto*
Tina Do*
Samantha Emery
Tomike Famutimi*
Cassidy Ferguson-Cox*
Cadence Harrison
Samantha Head
Emily Hewgill
Erkan Hurmuzlu
Sven Huycke
Daniel Jaffe
Robel Kebede
Kathleen Kellas *
Makenzie Maludzinski
Erica Marion
Ethan Martire
Kari Matikainen
Priscillah Naderi
Asha Natkunaseelan*
Landon Nicholls
Jonathan Ononiwu
Krupa Patel*
Jacqueline Peralta Cortes
Rachel Phiri
Navreen Randhawa*
Aydin Reid
Julia  Ricketts
Rena Rivera
Brooke Roussy*
Maizie Schwets
Sabrina Shah
Griffin Shaw
Zoha  Siddiqi *
Miaoer Song*
Santiago Villegas
Zoe Walker
Duncan Workman
Tony Zidan
Alexander Zolis*

*child/dependent of Local 1006A member

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