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1006A activists are coming together to observe the 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

The global campaign, which began on November 25, runs until December 10. The theme of this year’s initiative is “UNiTE! Activism to end violence against women and girls.”

Currently, union stewards are raising awareness at their workplaces and on social media for the campaign.

“I’m proud of the work that our 1006A activists are doing to make a difference, to raise awareness and eliminate gender-based violence,” said President Wayne Hanley. “The actions our members are taking, in their workplaces and through one-on-one conversations with co-workers and friends, are vital in creating safer homes, workplaces and communities for women and children across Ontario.”

The statistics on gender-based violence are troubling.

According to the United Nations, more than 1 in 3 women experience gender-based violence in their lifetime. Less than 40 per cent of women, who experience violence, seek help, the UN reports.

“Being silent doesn’t change anything so be the change you want to see,” said Union Steward Sheela Sivanesan. “Let us come together with one voice to end gender-based violence.”

The Canadian Women’s Foundation reports that every six days, a woman is killed by her intimate partner in Canada. Further, the organization notes that children who witness violence have twice the rate of psychiatric disorders as children from non-violent homes. Nearly 45% of women have experienced some form of psychological, physical, or sexual violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime, the organization reported.

“We need to shed light on this huge issue,” said Union Steward Kallisha Hoyes. “It affects many women and is often a silent weight that we carry.”

Union Steward Nancy Prout urged members to take action.

“Raise awareness. Call out and speak up on gender-based violence,” Prout said. “Join us in stopping society from dismissing and minimizing attitudes and behaviour contributing to violence.”

“We must bring attention to the hidden hardships many women face on a daily basis,” said Union Steward Pramie Ramroop.



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