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Union steward Sabine smiles at while punching in an order at the Milton Swiss Chalet where she works.

As a server at Swiss Chalet, Sabine Jozsa experienced the power of the union in creating a fair workplace.

Early on in her serving role, Sabine was passed over for extra shifts, which were given to members with less seniority.

“I felt very upset that I was being glossed over for these shifts,” said Sabina, who became a union steward this year. 

Sabine suspected her rights were being violated, which she confirmed by reading through her union contract. The booklet, which had been given to her by a former union steward, proved to be helpful. 

“Having a copy of the union contract made a big difference,” she said. “It was something I could quickly refer to and it confirmed my suspicions that my seniority rights were being violated.” From there, she contacted her union steward. While it took a grievance, the union worked hard to resolve the problem, ensuring she was paid for the lost wages.  

“The union steward at the time played a huge role in guiding me through the grievance process and also, the union rep for my location was supportive and provided me a great sense of comfort during the whole process,” she said. “Thanks to the union, I won my grievance, I received my lost wages and was correctly scheduled based on seniority. When I faced other issues, I could always count on the union to offer support and guide me along the way.”

Sabine encouraged all members to read their union contract.

“Having the union contract aided me greatly in knowing what my rights were,” she said, adding it only took her a short time to scroll through the contract. “It is so vital you familiarize yourself with the contract.”

Members can access their union contract through the website or by talking to their union representative.

Now, Sabine is the steward for the location, helping making a difference in the life of her co-workers.

“Having a union has made a big difference at Swiss Chalet – I became a steward because the union plays a vital role here,” she said. “The union is here to ensure management adhere to the collective agreement.”


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