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Union steward Marcia smiles with arms crossed at a Loblaws in Ottawa.

As a union member for 40 years, Marcia Stewart knows the life-changing impact of a union job. 

Marcia, a single mother for many years, says union representation gave her security she needed to raise her son. 

“Without that job security, there was no way I could do it on my own,” said Marcia, who works at a Loblaws Great Food in Ottawa. “Knowing I was going to get that regular pay cheque each week to pay for daycare, to pay for hockey and to have the benefits we had, it did make a big difference for me.”

Marcia said the union was an important part of why she worked at Loblaws Great Food for many years. 

“If we did not have a union, if we did not have that job security, I would not be at the same place for 40 years.”

Today, Marcia works as a steward to help members with several issues, from their scheduling to attendance. 

“It feels good that I can get them the answers they need and get their problems resolved,” she said. “When I help members, I feel very happy inside that I was able to make a difference. It’s an awesome feeling to help members know what their rights are in the workplace.”  

Marcia said workers have to be united to create change. 

“To me, unions are essential because they represent unity and protection.”


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