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1006A member Mo poses for a picture at the union office in his security uniform. The emblem steward spotlight is overlayed on the photo.

At Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Mohammed Malek is proud to be a union steward.

Known as Mo, he helps his co-workers with a variety of issues, from unfair disciplines to terminations to grievances.

“It is fulfilling because you are making a difference in the worker’s life,” said Mo, a steward and member since the early 1990s.

In addition, Mo has served on approximately 10 negotiating committees.

“I feel like I am making a positive contribution to the community and to my fellow colleagues,” Mo said. “It strengthens the bond between the union, the stewards and the members  – they know they have a voice and that gives me the inspiration to carry on.”

Union representation in the security sector is vital.

“Had there not been the union, had there not been that representation, workers have to go with what the employer says or they have to find other avenues, including their own lawyer,” said Mo. “UFCW 1006A has the resources and capabilities to help members.”

With union representation, Mo said workers have a voice.

“Nothing really changes unless you have a voice,” Mo said. “It makes a difference when the employer knows you are represented by UFCW. Whether they like it or not, they have to listen to the workers’ voices whereas if you are not in a union, your issues are a lot less of a concern to them.”

In his role at the company, Mo has also helped save many lives with the onsite automated external defibrillator.

He is proud to be part of a strong team of 1006A stewards supporting his coworkers.

“For me personally, being part of UFCW brings a sense of pride, protection and comfort,” said Mo. “When we have an issue or a concern, we know we can voice it knowing we have the power of the UFCW behind us.”


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