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Unionized security guards’ rights are under attack, as non-union security agencies increasingly win contract bids for worksites from unionized employers who then refuse to recognize existing union contracts. This process, known as contract-flipping, is often used to lower wages and undermine workers rights.

“UFCW 1006A is working tirelessly to protect and uphold the rights of our members working as security guards across Ontario,” said President Wayne Hanley. “Your union is holding employers accountable and ensuring our members continue to have the rights, protections and benefits they are entitled to under their union contract."

“It is vital for unionized security guards to know that they still have their rights and benefits as outlined in their union contract even if the employer at their work site changes,” said Jeff Ketelaars, Executive Assistant to the President and Director of the Security Guard sector. “That is not up to the new employer — union members are protected under Ontario law.”

Security guards are forced into a precarious situation when some security agencies violate the law by refusing to recognize the union contract and force unionized members to work as independent subcontractors. By agreeing to the company’s demands, guards are put in a difficult position where they may be breaching the law and their licence could be jeopardized. As subcontractors, they are put further at risk because they are not eligible for WSIB (Workplace Safety Insurance Board) or liability insurance.

Local 1006A has a strong track record of helping members in the security sector. The local union recently won settlements with security agencies, including Diamond, Elite, Falcon, CPS, Probe and Condor. The settlements guaranteed our members retained their union contract rights and ensured our members had their benefits paid retroactively.

Local 1006A’s legal team is currently working to protect the rights of our members working at security agencies, MI Security, Blackbird, and Pennine.

In addition, 1006A is advocating for our 300 union members who work for Star Security, the agency that was awarded the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) contract. These members are unionized, previously working with Allied Universal until the City of Toronto awarded the TCHC contract to Star Security, a non-union company. Star Security is refusing to recognize the union.

Star Security attempted to force hundreds of security guards to work as subcontractors and take away their benefits and paid sick days. The union filed a complaint with Ontario's Ministry of the Solicitor General (Private Security and Investigative Services Branch) and the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

“We are urging the ministry to investigate Star Security's conduct immediately,” said Ketelaars. The union has filed charges at the labour board to order Star Security to honour the collective agreement and reinstate all the union benefits to the TCHC guards.

If you are a security guard and are facing this issue at your workplace, please contact your union representative.

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