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no-frills-negotiationsNegotiations for your next No Frills contract began on March 30, 2016 as your union negotiating committee and the company exchanged contract proposals.

Your bargaining committee is led by Local 1000A Executive Director Paul Docherty, with support from Regional Directors Don Taylor (Central Ontario), Roland Lapins (Eastern Ontario), servicing staff and rank-and-file members who work part-time and full-time at different No Frills stores across Ontario.

Your bargaining committee had met earlier on March 8 and 29, 2016 to review the proposals and the bargaining process.

loblaws-ottawaWe wanted to provide you with an update on a newly established program for Local 1000A members working at Loblaws Great Food and Superstore.

Last year, your bargaining committee negotiated a Relationship Building Program with the company. The program now forms part of your collective agreement and is facilitated by experienced facilitators from the Ontario Ministry of Labour (Disputes Resolution Branch).  The purpose of the program is for the company, the union and our members to listen to each other’s concerns and issues with a view to improve things including communication and relationships.

I am pleased to report that the first set of regional sessions, which took place in January for our Ottawa and area stores, were a success. Members from each store were appointed from member volunteers to participate in the program.

I am proud to report that members who participated in these sessions did an outstanding job of highlighting their and their co-workers' concerns regarding operational and other issues in their store with senior company representatives and store level management.

no-frills-negotiations-2016-ufcwThank you to everyone who submitted a proposal form for sharing what your priorities are for your upcoming contract negotiations. The No Frills bargaining proposals deadline was November 30, 2015. 

Your ideas and proposals will be considered by your bargaining committee. Negotiations are a balancing act between our members’ collective interests and the employer’s interests. Your union’s goal is to achieve the best possible contract for you, our members.

Your input is critical to the negotiations process and through all proposal forms submitted, we will be able to gauge our membership’s overall negotiating priorities.

Being actively engaged in this process strengthens your union’s hand at the table - completing this proposal survey and encouraging your co-workers to do the same is a great first step. 

Wage increases and language improvements were among the many gains achieved by Local 1000A members working at Thunder Bay’s Real Canadian Superstore.

Ratified on October 13, 2015, the agreement covers 312 members at the store and runs from March 17, 2014 to March 16, 2019.

“We had an amazing negotiating committee made up of members who were the key to our success at the bargaining table,” said Paul Docherty, Executive Director for Local 1000A and lead negotiator. “They worked hard to empower and inform members and keep them engaged throughout the process. A big thank you to our membership - your support made a huge difference throughout this entire process.”