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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

"I believe that mental health is very important in our daily interactions, healthier life expectancy and accomplishing personal goals. I would love to see more resources to ensure mental health is a priority and accessible for everyone." – Valrie

"People are not making enough to survive in the housing market. You would have to save an average 10 years for you to put a down payment of 20 per cent to purchase your home." – Natasha

"They went on television claiming to say we are essential, we are needed— and yet to pay us in a way that we could actually afford to live in this city, well that’s an offer they (Ford government) would only dangle around at elections." – Latoya

"I believe that paid sick days and paid time off should be legislated to take care of workers' physical and mental health, and to prevent worker burnout." – Sabrina