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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

Your union is making sure the concerns and struggles of workers are being heard at Queen’s Park, with union representatives recently meeting with various Members of Provincial Parliament.

The meetings took place, as workers, unions and community allies wait for the final recommendations from the Changing Workplace Review, which has been underway for two years. Two government-appointed advisors have been looking into potential changes into Ontario’s outdated labour laws. With precarious, part-time and temporary work on a rapid rise, Ontario’s economy has changed yet the laws have not.

“In the last 20 years, we have seen a huge shift in the way Ontario’s economy operates as precarious and temporary employment has increased,” said President Wayne Hanley. “At the same time, our labour laws have not evolved to keep up with the times. Easier access to unionization is the pathway to increased prosperity for all workers. Unions raise the living standards for workers, helping families and communities as a whole.”

UFCW Canada made the following key recommendations to strengthen Ontario’s economy and middle class:

  • Advocating for a Card-Check system: Making it easier for workers to join a union through a system where a union is certified with a simple majority of signed union cards (50% + 1). A card-check certification system minimizes the opportunity for employers to engage in unfair labour practices including illegal terminations or coercion of employees.
  • Advocating for Improved First Contract Arbitration Language: Workers should have the right to a first contract, whether by collaboration, or imposed by an experienced and impartial third party arbitrator. The current law is not beneficial, resulting in the employers being able to delay the process, thereby, preventing an agreement from being reached within one year or more after union certification.
  • Sectoral Bargaining: To create a level playing field to prevent low-wage competition. 

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