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We are asking for a fair contract from Loblaw Companies.

Support Striking Workers By Shopping Elsewhere

We are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and students who work at Baxtrom’s Your Independent Grocer. We love the work we do and are proud to serve our community. We were forced into a strike on November 23 because the company’s proposal will hurt us and our families. What we want is a fair deal with a living wage increase.

Loblaw, which owns Your Independent Grocer, is trying to bully workers and their families in smaller communities like Cornwall because they think they can.

Help us in standing up for decent work and good jobs in Cornwall. 

We look forward to serving the community again once the dispute is resolved.  

“We are not asking for rainbows or unicorns from this big giant company. We are just asking to be treated fairly like the all other Independents across Eastern Ontario. We want fair pay and sick days."

“Thank you Cornwall for your support. We have got a lot of  people stopping by, dropping off food and coffee. It doesn’t matter if it’s snow or rain. We are going to be out here until we get a fair deal.”

“We love our jobs. We love the customers. Everyone is out here fighting for fairness. We need our neighbours, our sisters and brothers to help us get a fair deal.”

Thank You Cornwall – 104.5 Fresh Radio Ad

What can you do to support?

  • Please continue to shop elsewhere until a fair deal is reached
  • Drop by the picket line to say Hello!
  • Leave a message of support for members on Facebook

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