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Members at Loblaws and Superstore vote to ratify their new union contract.

Local 1006A members at Loblaw Great Food and Real Canadian Superstore locations across Ontario have voted to accept amendments to their union contract.

Members voted 71% in favour of the amendments.

“Improving and protecting our members’ rights is our highest priority,” said President Wayne Hanley. “Our goal, as always, is to help make life better through wage increases and job security for our members, and that is what we have achieved with the proposed amendments. There are only gains and improvements for our membership, and no concessions.”

The new contract will see significant wage increases, full-time job assurance for all full-time workers, shorter time frame for current part-time and future part-time to get to top rate and a procedure for part-time who want more hours to have more opportunities to work additional hours. It will also achieve what we set out to do with the minimum wage arbitration.

The new contract will run from November 4, 2019 to June 30, 2024.

The union fought hard at the negotiating table for these amendments.

Since January 2018, Local 1006A has been defending members’ rights in a minimum wage arbitration case involving Loblaws Great Food and Superstore.

In the time we have been waiting for the arbitrator’s ruling, your union began an informal discussion with the company, which turned into more meaningful talks to find a resolve to the minimum wage arbitration. We utilized our strength at arbitration to provide part-time and full-time members with improvements to the union contract. Read more about the process here.

“There were several meetings between the 1006A leadership and senior officials of the company and tough negotiations on many issues including the minimum wage,” said Hanley. “We walked away from the table more than once. We worked through and we reached an agreement which would see a positive resolve to the arbitration and positive gains which will make a difference for our membership.”

1006A Executive Officers and the elected retail Vice-Presidents of the 1006A Executive Board recommended to the membership that they vote to accept the offer.

Highlights of the Offer:

Click here for the full text of the agreement 

  • Job assurance/guarantee for all full-time employees. The language will protect all current full-time with a job guarantee should the company continue with restructuring during the contact.
  • No concessions to pensions
  • No concessions to benefits
  • Full-Time $1,000 signing bonus. Then wage increases for those at or above end rate:
    • June 28, 2020 $0.50
    • July 4, 2021 $0.40
    • July 3, 2022 $0.40
    • July 2, 2023 $0.40
  • Department Heads $1,000 signing bonus. Then wage increases for those at or above end rate:
    • June 28, 2020 $0.75
    • July 4, 2021 $0.40
    • July 3, 2022 $0.65
    • July 2, 2023 $0.40
  • Effective immediately:
    • Top rate Part Time clerks hired before July 9 2015 increase to $16.25
    • Top rate Part Time clerks hired before June 12, 1994 increase to $16.95
    • Top rate Part Time clerks hired after July 2015 increase to $16.25
  • Further wage increases for Part Time Clerks at top rate or above, wage of:
    • June 28, 2020 $0.40
    • July 4, 2021, $0.35
    • July 3, 2022, $0.40
    • July 2, 2023, $0.40
  • Part Time hired before June 1994 minimum top rate $18.50 July 2023
  • Part Time hired before July 2015 a minimum top rate of $17.80 July 2023
  • Part Time hired after July 2015 increases through the progression scale and a top rate of Min Wage +$2.25 immediately.
  • Part Time clerks hired after July 9, 2015 will see increases in their hourly rate as a result of the progression scale being compressed to 4500 hours and the MW + rates in the progressions increasing by anywhere from $0.05 to $0.90.
  • Part Time Meat Cutters and Part Time Bakers at top rate will receive a $350 signing bonus.
  • Part Time clerks and Part Time Pharmacy Assistants hired before July 9, 2015 and at top rate will receive a signing bonus of $0.62 per hours for all hours worked plus over time while at the top rate retroactive to January 1, 2018.
  • Shorter progressions for current Part Time and future Part Time to get to top rate. Progression scale will be 4,500 hours NOT 6,500 hours to get to top rate.
  • Protective language for senior Part Time that no junior employee will have a higher wage then a top rate senior employee as a result of future increases to the provincial minimum wage.
  • Part Time who want more hours will have more opportunities to work additional hours through department cross training or working in other stores if hours are available after they are offered first to Part Time in the other stores.
  • Part Time cross training in additional departments allows senior Part Time to acquire skills to be better prepared when Full Time positions open
  • Other terms such as Pension and Benefits remained “intact”. No “take-aways”

The offer includes major increases, potential for more Full Time jobs with increased flexibility, increased opportunity for part time workers to get more hours and progress quicker through the progressions and the opportunity to secure benefits sooner. 

Click here for the full text of the agreement

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