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Loblaw Finally Listening - Scheduling Pilot

Loblaw is finally listening to what your union has been telling them for years – Loblaws Great Food and Superstore scheduling and availability requirements for members working part-time are unfair and need improvement. We are encouraged our efforts and suggestions to address this issue over the years is reflected by Loblaw’s announcement to run a pilot program at the stores listed below.

Although the changes presented in the pilot do not address all of our concerns, it is a positive start in providing a better work/life balance for our members that work part-time.

Local 1006A will closely monitor the pilot program. Although these changes are currently being piloted, your union believes that improvements to scheduling practices should be permanent and applied to all of our Loblaw Great Food and Superstore locations.

Pilot Program Changes (Effective November 1, 2020):

Newmarket Superstore (1018); Aurora Superstore (1030); Don Mills & Eglinton Superstore (1077); Scarborough Superstore (2809); Mavis & Dundas Superstore (2841);

1)     Stopping Shift Cancellation 

  • Management making last minute shift cancellations to meet “weekly projections” has been a major problem. Members would see their schedule posted on Thursday, only to be told the following week that their shift(s) were eliminated. This unpredictability is clearly unfair. The pilot will see shift cancellation stop. 

2)     Longer Shifts: Broader Variety of Shift Lengths

  • During past negotiations and discussions with Loblaw, your union pushed the company for guaranteed hours for members. This has meant greater economic security for members. Although there are guarantees in place, often members must work many shifts to get their hours. The pilot will have a broader variety of shift lengths. For example, three 8-hour shifts to get 24 hours instead of four or more shorter shifts. 

In addition to 1 & 2 above, the following is being piloted only at Mavis & Dundas Superstore (2841);

Availability Requirements: Better Work / Life Balance

  • The current availability requirements make it difficult for members to plan for life outside of work: school, appointments, a second job etc. For members that do not have a guarantee of hours, the pilot sees the minimum availability requirements reduced to one shift Monday to Thursday and one shift Saturday OR Sunday. This means a minimum availability of two shifts. A big improvement from the four-day availability requirement.

Members with questions or concerns should contact their union representative.

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