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Your union is always advocating for you, from urging vaccine prioritization for essential workers to calling for 10 paid sick days for all workers to pushing for pandemic pay.

From the start of the pandemic, we continued to work with our labour and community allies to advocate for these key measures, through reaching out to the media, government and our employers.

Our stewards have been part of the effort, speaking out on various media outlets, to raise awareness about the need for sick days for frontline and essential workers. 

The union has consistently pushed for vaccine prioritization for our members. This week, vaccination appointments have opened up for Ontario residents (18+) in 114 hotspot regions across the province. We encourage you to check your local public health units and the Ontario government's website for information about vaccinations in your area. 

While our advocacy on paid sick days and pandemic pay continues, the push back from conservative and business interests has been immense. The bottom-line and profits are being prioritized ahead of workers' lives.

The Ford government has continuously resisted the efforts to protect workers by voting against paid sick days. Due to public pressure, Ford recently announced three temporary paid sick days– a half-measure that expires in late September and fails to provide workers with sufficient time to stay home and recover.

Finally, our advocacy continues to improve the lives of our members. Your union encourage you to take steps to protect yourself and your loved ones, through getting vaccinated when you are eligible. Vaccinations are voluntary but could end up saving your life, and protecting your family, co-workers and community. 

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