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anti_fatigue_matLocal 1000A is pleased to announce the union has won an arbitration permitting the use of anti-fatigue mats at u-scan podiums. The arbitrator found that the company’s removal of the anti-fatigue mat at the Great Food store in Vanier breached the Occupational Health and Safety Act and therefore, upheld the union’s policy grievance.

Local 1000A is proud to congratulate Executive Vice-President Pearl Sawyer for winning the 2010 OFL-ODRT (Occupational Disability Response Team) Workers’ Compensation and Disability Prevention Rights Award. Pearl is a tireless advocate and trailblazer in the world of workers’ compensation, helping improve life for workers injured on the job and/or those returning to work. Pearl is also an OFL Executive Board Vice-President and co-chair of the OFL Health and Safety and WCB Committees.