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UFCW 1006A member Ehiagwina Eghemen, who works at Loblaw Great Food, is one of the winners of our Share Your Pandemic Story contest! Congratulations Ehiagwina!

Your union has awarded 20 prizes – worth $250 each – to members whose entries are selected in the Share Your Pandemic Story contest. 

Here is Ehiagwina's story.

"The pandemic couldn’t have come at a worse time.

My plan was to graduate high school and get a job to help with my tuition fees as I planned to enroll in undergraduate studies in the fall.

However, with COVID-19 came widespread panic and uncertainty. This made my family very skeptical about me entering the workforce in such an unprecedented time. My mum’s words are still in my head like an annoying ringtone. “I know you need the money but don’t bring the virus home,” she would always say.

I’m so happy that my workplace has been helpful and has taken all health safety precautions seriously.

Our union definitely played a huge role as they always listened to our concerns and ensured that our workspace is as safe as possible. So far, my mum’s rule hasn’t been broken and I'm sure it will stay that way for as long as possible."


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