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UFCW 1006A member Brianna Valle, who works at Swiss Chalet, is one of the winners of our Share Your Pandemic Story contest!

Congratulations Brianna! Your union has awarded 20 prizes – worth $250 each – to members whose entries are selected in the Share Your Pandemic Story contest. 

Here is Brianna's story:

"The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all of us in our own ways.

Personally, I missed out on my Grade 12 year, resulting in no graduation, prom, and those last cherished memories with my friends. This had caused stress for me as I had already not been able to go to work due to the pandemic and then forced to do online learning.

It took a toll on my life mentally and physically as each day began to feel the same.

It had also put stress on my family as we had not been able to see my extended family members.

One thing I would have to say was the hardest was not being able to see my grandparents. Sadly, my grandmother had to complete a heart surgery where she was in recovery for 3 months without any of us allowed to visit her room due to COVID.

It has definitely changed us all as we are more aware of things around us which allowed us to appreciate the life we were all living before the pandemic.

With the stressful days that COVID-19 has brought to the world I can say that the union has been there to support with any concerns and to make sure we can all go back to the lives we lived before the pandemic."


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