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Ahead of the June 2 provincial election, 1006A is featuring our members' thoughts on the issues that are important to them and their families. Your union encourages you to learn more about where each party stands on the issues and to get out and vote in your riding. Every vote makes a difference.

Today, we feature member Sabrina from Chapters Woodbridge speaking about paid sick days.

All across Ontario, workers continue to advocate for 10 paid sick days.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, unions, medical experts and community allies have called for the government to legislate 10 paid sick days. This call has been ignored by Premier Ford and his government. In fact, the Ford conservatives eliminated the two-paid sick days workers had when they first took office.

Permanent sick days will protect workers and ensure workers do not have to choose between going to work sick and putting food on the table for their families. It would ensure workers are protected from infectious diseases, and have the time they need to recover.

Even after seeing the impact of each wave on Ontario’s workers, the Conservative government refused to budge or listen to health experts or even the mayors of Canada’s largest cities, who also echoed the calls for paid sick leave.

Sabrina speaks out about the need for paid sick days for Ontario’s workers:

"I believe that paid sick days and paid time off should be legislated to take care of workers' physical and mental health, and to prevent worker burnout.

Both benefits provide a layer of protection to workers when they need time to heal from injuries or sickness, or when they need to recharge or rest. It is necessary for employees to have income during such stressful times.

Employers reap the benefits of having a physically and mentally healthy workforce." 

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