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Local 1006A is proud to profile the exceptional stewards who make up our great union. This week, we are featuring activist Lino Cabral from Brandt Meats.

Lino Cabral is a difference-maker, helping make the lives of his co-workers better through his work as a 1006A Steward.

When his company, Brandt Meats, began to bring temporary workers in, members lost hours. Cabral sprung into action right away, contacting his union representative, Diana O’Brien.

Together, the two worked to find a resolution, with O’Brien filing a grievance and encouraging Cabral to document the incidents in full detail.

“I told the members – I'm here to fight for you and we have to stick together. We have to be patient and we will get results,” Cabral said.

Cabral became a documenting expert, faxing lists of shifts, and documenting cases when members were sent home early and the hours they were owed.

The grievance, which began in June 2019, was resolved in arbitration a year later, with workers getting paid for lost hours.

"It felt satisfying because I knew how hard Diana and I had worked to get this result for the workers,” Cabral said.

Cabral is proud to be a 1006A steward.

"I always thought I could help people out,” said Cabral. "The workers keep me going even though sometimes I feel like giving up– the workers are behind me and push me to keep going forward.”

O’Brien said Cabral's extensive documentation made all the difference.

“Lino did an exceptional job working tirelessly to help his co-workers,” O’Brien said. “My advice to members – reach out to your union representative right away when you have a concern, and document everything so if a grievance is filed and ends up in arbitration, we have the evidence to help win the case.”

President Wayne Hanley commended the work of Cabral and O’Brien.

“Exceptional activists are at the heart of this great union and we are so proud of our stewards for stepping up everyday to make a difference and make life better for others.” 

As for Cabral, he is happy to have the union by his side.

“Diana was amazing and would call me back right away,” Cabral said.

At his workplace, the reaction was tremendous.

“At the end, the workers were all happy with the result,” he said. “I know when I need the union, they are always there for me. 

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