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five_wsIn 2008, the union filed a policy grievance in response to Loblaw breaching the terms and conditions of the 2006 collective agreement by hiring employees into Back to Best positions. In the last set of negotiations, the union and company reached a resolution.

What will happen to the Back to Best positions?

All 94 Back to Best Positions are being discontinued in accordance with the resolution of the grievance. The company agreed to provide Back to Best employees 30 days notification within two weeks of ratification (October 6, 2010) that their positions will be discontinued.

The company is posting 23 regular full-time positions and 71 Compressed Work Week positions, to which the 94 Back to Best employees are invited to apply.

fingerscan_clockThe traditional punch clock is undergoing a makeover, in a very big way. Workers at all Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstores, and Great Food stores will be checking in and out of work by scanning a finger and entering their employee PIN number on the digital punch clock.

The Issue: Some members have approached the union with privacy concerns regarding the introduction of finger scan punch clocks throughout Loblaw Companies' various banners.

The Action: In response to members' concerns, the union's lawyers investigated the legality regarding the use of this new technology in your workplaces. Here's what they've discovered: