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Local 1006A joined labour and community allies at Queen’s Park on June 1 for Injured Workers Day. 

This year, we came together to raise awareness about the Doug Ford government's attacks on workers injured or made ill on the job.

“The reductions to injured workers' benefits are huge and devastating,” said Martha Villeda, WSIB Advocate for 1006A. “We are fighting to make the compensation system better in this province but these changes will lead to further deterioration of the system. Workplace injuries and illness can happen to anyone at anytime, one day it could be you or a loved one so it is vital to participate and work together for change."
The Ford government has slashed 30% in employer contributions to the Workers' Safety Insurance Board, meaning $1.45 billion less for workers.

“These reductions will affect among the most vulnerable in our society and place additional pressure on a WSIB system that is already broken,” said President Wayne Hanley. “Injured workers, who are already struggling to get by, will find it harder to access the much needed benefits they are entitled to. In essence, the Ford government's actions penalize workers, who were injured or made ill on the job, and reward employers for their negligence and bad behaviour."

In addition, the Ford government has cut $16 million from a provincial office dedicated to preventing occupational injuries, illness and deaths in Ontario -- a move observers say will lead to more accidents.

Finally, the government is planning to cut about half a million to Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program. Pressprogress reports ODSP financial assistance to those with disabilities would be cut by $222 million and Ontario Works would by cut by $296.3 million.

Your union is encouraging you to raise awareness and stand up against these attacks on the most vulnerable members in our communities. Learn more about these attacks on workers' compensation.

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