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UFCW 1006A member Michael Burger, who works at Aspect Retail Logistics, is one of the winners of our Share Your Pandemic Story contest!

Congratulations Michael! Your union has awarded 20 prizes – worth $250 each – to members whose entries are selected in the Share Your Pandemic Story contest. 

Here is Michael's story: 

"When the second wave was getting serious and retail stores were scenes of bare shelves and angry customers, I recall feeling grateful I worked in a DC not the store.

My heart went out to those having to deal with the public in such challenging situations. Yet before long, COVID would tear through our warehouse and teach me there's no hiding.

We had over 60 people in isolation and 36 active cases at one point.

People I worked with died from complications due to COVID and it was frustrating to still have conversations where a co-worker didn't want to wear a mask or didn't believe COVID was real. UFCW were supportive in their advocacy for the $2 premium and provided comfortable masks for Stewards.

Both my family and I have endured this pandemic with a deeper appreciation for each other and each day we spend together!"


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