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The Ontario election has come to a close, with Premier Doug Ford retaining power. A vast majority of Ontarians (estimated at 57%) did not vote and unofficial results show only 18% of all registered voters cast a ballot for the Ford conservatives.

The outcome means the next four years will be full of challenges for workers and their families across Ontario. 

Your union will continue our work to protect workers' rights and interests. This includes advocating for 10 permanent sick days for all workers, raising the minimum wage, reforming the broken WSIB system, and investing in and not cutting our healthcare and education systems.

If you care about paid sick days, increases to the minimum wage, an affordable housing and rental market, don't stop paying attention. If you care about ensuring our public healthcare and education system remains accessible and free for all, don't stop paying attention.

If you see policies and cuts you don't like, remember you have power to make your voice heard and contact your MPP's office and let them know what you, as a constituent support or don't support. Your union will do its part, to ensure your voice and interests are known at Queen's Park. 




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