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collective_agreementsFollowing a ratification vote, the production of the collective agreement booklets is an intensive process. The union and the employer work together to ensure all negotiated changes are correctly incorporated into the new collective agreement. This is a very lengthy and arduous process as every word and every detail is important.

As such, the production of the 2010-2015 collective agreement for Loblaws, Loblaws Great Food and Real Canadian Superstore is still in progress.

loblaw_surveyUFCW Canada has been informed that Loblaw is telling workers in several provinces to complete a “LoblawReward Survey”.

Loblaw workers need to know that UFCW Canada is very concerned about this survey, and your union feels this survey is tainted and may be used as a tool by the company to undermine your collective agreements, and to cut the benefits you and your coworkers deserve and have rightfully earned.


loblaw_injunctionYour union is pleased to announce that we have won a court injunction to stop Loblaws Supermarkets Ltd’s inappropriate application of Letter of Understanding 59 as detailed in your collective agreement.  Letter of Understanding 59 concerns the conversion of a conventional store to a Great Food banner and states if you don’t regularly work a particular time or day at your Loblaws store, you will not be required to make yourself available for work at that time or day in the Great Food banner if it’s for legitimate reasons and not personal preference.

nofrills_bannersDecember 13, 2011 - Members employed by No Frills attended membership meetings and polling stations across Ontario to review the negotiated memorandum of agreement and to cast their ballot in a ratification vote.