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Ontario's Union for fairness, equality and respect at work.

A strong contract with improvements, including a new statutory holiday, was ratified by workers at Wilson’s YIG in Ottawa.

1006A members at Jet Equipment & Tools (Surewerx) ratified a new union contract with many improvements. 

UFCW Canada Local 1006A members at Dessureault YIG in Orleans achieved gains in their new union contract.

Kathryn Boeyen of Baton Rouge in Ottawa  pictured with Union Representative Greg Penner.

UFCW Canada Local 1006A is pleased to announce our forth and final winner of our Facebook Membership Contest. Congratulations go to Kathryn Boeyen of Baton Rouge in Ottawa.  Kathryn will be taking home a Samsung tablet.

BDM Scholarship winner Maida Krdzalic (center) pictured with Local 1006A President Wayne Hanley, and Union Representative Gary Brown.

"You can really appreciate what the union does for you and the support they offer. Not just at work, but personally too." – Maida Krdzalic, BDM Scholarship Winner

Loblaws and Superstore Relationship Building Update

During the last year, meetings were held across the province as part of the Relationship Building Program for 1006A members working at Loblaws Great Food and Superstore.